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Best Paper Awards 2016

Best Research Paper

Dr. Slavomir Magal
University of Ss. Cyrila and Methodius in Trnava, Slovakia

Best Student Paper

Ms. Jiayi Tang
Xin Hua College of Sun Yat-Sen University, China

Best Paper Awards 2015

Best Research Paper

Dr. Bradley C. Freeman
American University in Dubai, UAE

Dr. Keith Zukas
Carroll University, USA

Prof. Archana Rakesh Singh
Panjab University, India

Best Student Paper

Nareshchandra Rai
Robert Gordon University, UK


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Prior Year's Accepted Papers

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2012 Accepted Papers

Paper Title DOI
 The Role of Mainstream and Alternative Newspapers in Promoting Racial Integration in Malaysia  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.08
 The Effects of Crime-Drama TV Viewing on Mock Jurors in a Murder Trial  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.10
 Social Media Meaning Amongst Early Adopting TV News Journalists  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.11
 Selective Reporting of International Media in Africa  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.15
 Qualibility Refuge: a New Perspective on Brand Strategy in China  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.16
 What do you see and why?:A Look into the Perspective of Documentaries  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.22
 A Comparative Discourse Analysis of LGBT Honor Killing Coverage in Turkish Newspapers  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.26
 Digital Development and Division: A Case Study of China  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.27
 Online homeland media and Chinese migrant netizens in New Zealand  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.28
 Importance Of Cultural Differences In The Configuration Of In-House Public Relations Studies In Company Mergers Belonging To The Cultures Of Different Countries  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.30
 Influence and Pressure Practices of Politics and Economy in Turkey on the Field of Journalism and Journalism’s Potential to Counteract  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.32
 Making Kony Famous: Audience responses to the viral  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.33
 Before Hashtags: Precedents to Online Social Movement Media in the U.S. Radical Press, 1900-1917  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.34
 Vernacular Radios and Conflict Framing in Africa: Perspectives on Kenya  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.35
 Now that self-publishing offers everyone a potential platform through which to share material, who (if anyone) is bearing an associated responsibility for ensuring the content made available is fit for dissemination?  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.41
 New Communication Technologies and Journalism Ethics in Zimbabwe: Practices and Malpractices  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.42
 Ethical Guidelines and Online-Avertisement  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.44
 A Second Life of the New York Times  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.47
 The Traces of Primordial Texts and the Audience's Perception of Re-Told Stories  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.50
 Psychological Predictors of Problematic Facebook Usage  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.51
 Media Frame Analysis on Japanese History Textbook Controversy in 1982  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.52
 TV Journalists’ Competence Model: An Exploratory Study  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.53
 Defying Rhetorical Orthodox: The Filipino Youth and the Structure of their Narrative Essays  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.54
 How to Forecast Taiwan’s Presidential Election from Pre-Election Media Polls  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.57
 “And the language is”  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.59
  Iron Man Meets Confucius  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.60
Media Freedom in East Asia  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.61
 When Phobia is the Message  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.64
 The Scienctific Information and the Teaching of Journalism  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.66
 Asan na U? Dito na me! : Sociolinguistic Perspective on Code-switching on Electronic Media  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.69
 African Media Ethics and Social Responsibility in the Digital Age  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.72
 The Effects of 3G/4G Based Video Transmission Systems on Local Television Channels in Turkey  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.73
 Media Impact & Future Expectations Of Children In The Light Of Modernization, Cultural Change And Democracy  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.77
 Living Young in the digital age: Beliefs and behaviors of youngsters cybernauts on copyright  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.81
 Students’ Preferences in Using Search Engines: Words that they have used  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.82
 Orchestrating Common Sense: Popular Journalism and staging of public debate  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.83
 The Communicative Effectiveness of the Visual Design on The Social Media Consumption  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.84
 Release the kraken of professionalism down under: Australian journalism in denial  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.86
 Journalism Education for Social Responsibility Media Practice  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.88
 Corporate Social Responsibility and Advertising:  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.90
 A Comparative Analysis of Crisis Reporting in the Malaysian and Nigerian Newspapers  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.91
 Social Media Practices of Emergency Management Organizations during Crisis Communication  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.92
 False Impressions: How Digital Editing is Altering Public Discourse  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.93
 The Impact of Emotions on Consumer Engagement and Word-of-Mouth on Social Networking Sites  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.96
 The role of television in managing HIV/AIDS stigmatization and discrimination in Nigeria  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.97
 The Effect of Development Communication on Media Ethics in the Digital Era  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.99
 A Study on Media Agendas and the Legislation Process: A Focus on the Law Makers  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.104
 The Polysemic Documentary: Authenticity, Artistry and Change  10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.106

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